Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I am slacking yet again! But in all fairness I really haven't done anything :D
Summer is here and it is really busy keeping everyone entertained and getting everyone where they need to be! Tutoring, swimming lessons, softball, holidays and growing this baby take up a lot of my time and energy.
We are loving the garden! Brian is rehabbing a home for the chickens, everything is coming together!
The kiddos seem to be excited about summer though. They are still a bit confused about summer break and why we are not heading back to school lol.
Halle has turned into a bookworm! We love her new love of reading!
Payton would rather solve math problems :)

Here is a photo dump.
I will be back after the little guy makes his appearance!

Payton playing softball

Summer is here!

Happy 6th Birthday Sofia!!

End of the soccer season

The cat tolerates her

Kiddos wanted to show me their "cool trick"

 Parker in a production of The 3 Little Piggie Opera

Parker and his teacher

No pictures of Halle but this is a family picture she made at school!

38 weeks! Almost there!


Syd loves to swing!