Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Welcome baby Isaac

 We knew that me having Gestational Diabetes again was a factor in delivering early.
Our doctor talked to us about delivering at 39weeks due to his growth scan size at 35w when he was measuring over 40 weeks.

I went in on Saturday morning to be induced and hooked up to the pitocin.
Already at a 5 we were anticipating a Saturday delivery. We were told by all of the nurses that they also anticipated this.
Imagine our surprise when the doctor sent us home Saturday evening to return on Sunday morning.

We got to the hospital on Sunday morning and started the routine again.

The doctor broke my water at 11 and we got the epidural around 3 and we were at a 7!
We were still anticipating a Sunday delivery!

We knew that he was a big boy! From Sunday night the nurses kept mentioning that he just wasn't in the chute right :/ and our doctor was worried that he was big.
After 3.5 hours of pushing he was born.
 Isaac Robert Bagley
Born 6/24 at 1:30 am
9lbs 11oz
22 inches long.

We were both shocked that he came out wide eyed and not crying. The entire hour of bonding he just stared at us and we at him. Those moments were very precious!

So far he has met the entire family in the house and everyone is in love.

We have been home for one night and he was up only twice. So far he is mellow and just what we need!



Anonymous said...

Congrats Amanda! He is beautiful.