Monday, April 29, 2013

The life of a busy family

I want to be a better blogger :) but man it's hard!

Payton just wrapped up soccer and softball starts this week! She is reading better every day! She can't wait for 2nd grade!

Parker is almost done with Pre K and has a final school performance in a few weeks, the musical of the 3 Little Pigs, it is hilarious! I can't wait! He fnishes before everyone else and will go back to Pre K this Fall since he misses the cut off for K, I'm okay with that :D

Sofia is anxiously awaiting Kindergarten at the same school as the girls. She had a great time in private K and doesn't mind that Mom wants her to have a solid foundation and wants her to repeat K. She is just TOO excited to go to Camelot with her sisters! She had an orientation and can't wait!

Sydney is getting big! She is 2 going on 8. She loves to pack purses and carry everything around! She likes using new phrases like, Mom let's talk lol. She loves being outside playing with the cat and her siblings.

Halle has conquered reading! She loves reading as much as I do and reads a book a week! We are so proud of her for her hard work! She is already asking questions about 3rd grade. She said she wishes she could go to the last day of school and wake up and be in the 3rd grade.

We are trying to become more self sufficient. We have our garden tilled and a lot of plants started! We can't wait to get the plants in the ground! We have chicks on the way as well. I am not so sure about the chicks, it kind of grosses me out lol, but we shall see. They arrive this week!

I am 32 weeks translation 8 weeks left! This little guy is kicking like crazy! A new experience since Syd never kicked! All of the kids love feeling him and are impatient for his arrival!

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