Thursday, August 18, 2011

Updates about unpacking?

Life in the new house has seriously consisted of unpacking, more unpacking, and unpacking some more!
Since nothing is really new I thought you'd like to know:

*Even I get lost in the house. I want to head upstairs and find myself facing the down stairs.
*There are only 2 rooms that are completely finished-the Master Bedroom and what I have dubbed the Craft Room. (the craft room was a former sewing room and has a built in desk that I use as a changing table:)
*My husband is home on time more now than he was when his commute was 3 minutes. (this makes me the happiest of all!)
*The kids and I have been out less as an entire family now that we are in the "city" because Dad can just pick up whatever we need on his way home from work. BUT we are going out just Mom and the kiddos more than we ever did living in Winchester.
 Here are some pictures of the yard, and some summer fun of swimming and then plum picking in the backyard!