Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sneak Peek!

We have had a busy week! And next week Halle is getting her hair braided, the school is having a meet the teacher night on Tuesday and school starts Wednesday!
Last night we went out on a date and tried out our new sitter.
Today from dawn until dusk, maybe, well almost...
Brian worked me like a House Elf!
I love it when he is home on the weekends because his energy feeds mine and we get things done! This morning I finally got Sydney an appointment with my friend Sarah to get her 1 year pictures taken! If you are on Facebook you should check them out on my wall or Moments By Sara Jean. I will get the hard copies next week but the sneak peeks are on Facebook.
After that we got to work and got the basement in order!
Close your eyes at the top of the stairs and picture:

At the bottom of the stairs is a doorway. Go through the doorway and step down and you're facing 2 doors! Sofia and Payton's bedrooms!
So then back to the bottom of the stairs.
Straight ahead you can go right to Halle's room, straightish to the bathroom, or right to Sydney's room the family room, movie room, and 2 storeish rooms.
Below are pictures of the bathroom. It isn't finished yet but we aren't talking about that. This IS a sneak peek! Each girl will  have their own sink, mirror, and light! 
There you have it!
Also are more flower pictures, my best yet imho! and precious pictures of Sydney sleeping in my arms, she is getting so big! Time just flies! 

This is Payton's room. All of the girls will have the same room type just a different color. Payton chose pink.