Sunday, July 17, 2011


Halle represents a lot of firsts for Brian and I.
Being our first child she experienced all of our firsts and even some trial and errors, new places and experiences. 
Looking back at when I first held her, her first steps, words, and first day of school I can't help but wonder where the time went. She turned 6 and is almost as tall as I am :) she has a mouth full of gaps where teeth should be and is so helpful around the house we hardly have to ask or tell her to do anything!
We are so blessed to have her in our lives!

Being her mom isn't always rainbows and sunshine :) but we manage :)
This girl is the oldest and therefore the most responsible. She loves being the boss and giving orders to everyone including me. She loves to be the first, to tell others what to do and watch them perform her instructions. She is helpful to the point of overdoing it, and throws fits that make the house shake.
Brian laughs and tells me it's all my fault because I taught her to be dramatic when I taught her to express herself, which I did. 
But here she is, a beautiful 6 year old with a heart of gold. 
We are so proud to be her parents! 
Happy 6th birthday Halle!
Our first family photo

The cat wanted in on the action :) 


Not always sunshine and rainbows

Happy Birthday!


kc71595 said...

YAY!! Happy birthday, Miss Halle!

I hope she really enjoyed her special day. She's growing into such a beautiful young lady. Such a big girl for only 6 years old! And I love the 'first family photo'. So much change in 6 years, huh? You are truly blessed, but I'm sure you know that ;)
~Krista J.