Sunday, July 17, 2011

My(Carter) family reunion

I am blessed to have most of my family including grand and great grandparents alive.
I love going home because home is truly where my heart is. My family does have it's moments :)
but they love me anyway lol.
We went for a visit over my birthday and what a great present it was to be with people who know and love me! I got a chance to take my twin sister Monica out for dinner the day after our birthday. We had a ton of fun catching up and visiting!
We visited my Papa and Grandma and had a great visit with them. We also talked cousin Cody into playing baseball and giving rides on the 4wheeler! It was SO fun!
We attended a family reunion for my moms moms side better known as my grandma :)
There was a ton of kids to play with and people to visit that I hadn't seen in 15 years or more!

It was a great visit and I am always sad to head north!

My grandma, mom, and Sydney

Cousin Cody giving rides! Thanks Cody!

Cousin Cody teaching Payton how to stand and swing!
You're great Cody!

Don't you love the look on her face :)

Parker patiently waiting his turn

She finally connected!

Lil miss sassy

My mom and niece Janessa(Cass)

My sister Christy and Parker playing basketball.

Halle and my niece Hanna(Monica)
Hanna is 7 and Halle a week away from her 6th birthday :) 

My grandma Noleen and all of her grandkids minus my brother Cass.

Halle cheering the waterslide competition.


kc71595 said...

Looks like a GREAT time, Amanda! And happy belated birthday! :)
I absolutely love that photo of Parker waiting on the bench. Great action and such a precious shot. They sure are growing up fast ;)
~Krista J.