Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Payton's First Day of School and Family photos

Payton started Pre K yesterday. She was so excited, all smiles and bouncing off of the walls with anticipation! Brian took her over and said that she was pretty timid once other kids started showing up. She seemed to have a good time.
So Tuesdays and Thursdays Halle and Payton are both gone, it is really different around here without them, Parker and Sofia followed me around all day yesterday wanting bossing around I think :D They were lost without the older girls telling them what to play and do :D

Also are a few pictures I took, not too great quality but Brian needed a new photo for his wallet.
Parker loved holding Sydney, he was so afraid he would drop her and when she whined I couldn't get him to smile until I picked her up. Now he thinks he is entitled to hold her whenever he wants and demands to hold her when he sits next to me :D