Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sweet Deals

Those that know me well know that...

On the heels of that statement it has gotten me into trouble in the past :) since becoming a mom I've had to hone my skills and stretch money farther, especially at the end of the month or during those holiday months :)

When Halle was a baby I had a system. It was just her and I all day long and staying at home with a screaming baby wasn't fun. I found that she liked to go just as much as I did! So we went. We walked around all of the department stores and scored good deals most times!
But as our family grew I got out less and less, that's when I switched to Internet shopping!
I still have a system.
I only check the clearance "bin" at most stores and then visit my favorite coupon site (retailmenot) and find a coupon for a further discount!!

Ok so fast forward to recently.
I love Macy's!
I love my coupons there too!
In my usual way of browsing I happened on 10 clearance racks! It wasn't until my 3rd rack that I noticed the sign on the top of all of the signs that read, "Take an additional 40% off the marked price" WHAT! I had to start back at the beginning! I ended up getting Halle jeans for $2.99! Panties and socks (6 pack!) for $1.19! Carter's outfits and layette outfits with sleeper, top and bottom outfit, socks and bib for $4.00!

I was browsing one of my favorite sites www.dealnews.com and saw a sale at Land's End. I'd never heard of them before but ended up scoring Columbia type jackets for $19.99, originally $60! I say jacket loosely, they are jackets made for our weather, snow 7 months out of the year. I got them in the mail the other day and they are nice and HEAVY!

When Brian and I got married we shopped for my pants in the little boys section at JC Penny, can you believe it? I am not taller by any means but as I've gained in girth I've had a HARD time finding pants in my size. Usually a petite inseam is 28 inches, I am more like 25 but 26 works. My favorite store is, sadly, the girth store CJ Banks, which I DO love because I can find shirts and pants that work for this t-shirt and jeans gal! Unfortunately their prices are more reflective of YARDS of cloth instead of the tiny bit extra I need. Needless to say that buying a pair of jeans for $50 I'd think would make me feel more beautiful, like those commercials claim, right? Well I wear those jeans out, literally! So I've come to cherish the limited sales the store does have. And TA DA! Today I log on to order a few T-Shirts for Fall (the nice colors sell out fast and they only sell the t-shirts in the spring and summer) when I stumbled across a 70% off sale! WOO HOO! So as I browsed I saw them...my pants, for $13.00 and my t-shirts for $5! So instead of buying 1 pair of jeans and 1 t-shirt for $70, I got them for $18!


Just had to get that off my chest! WOO HOO!

I thought I'd share a few of my favorite sites I frequent for deals :)
I already shared www.dealnews.com


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