Monday, May 17, 2010

Ramblings and Pictures

May has been busy! Payton's ballet career is coming to an end at least for the summer and they are gearing up for her recital. Halle starts her last week of Preschool this week and has already registered for Kindergarten. Sofia and Payton had to be tested this month to enroll in Preschool for next year! We registered Halle and Payton for summer gymnastics and 2 weeks of swimming lessons, June looks to be just as busy as May! Sofia's 3rd birthday is coming up the end of May, the girls are trying to convince her she wants an Imagination Mover party because she loves those guys! But the party supplies would be Wobble Goggles and Scribble Sticks and I don't know that I have the heart to be the one that ruins the magic when the items aren't "special" like they are on TV :) We may stick to Mickey Mouse :)

We decided after 2 years that we needed to find a new home for our beloved Golden Retriever Bindi. I just didn't have the time for her and felt guilty each time I looked out the window or went out to feed her. The great news is we found an AWESOME home for her where she will be loved to pieces! That meant that we were pet least for 5 days anyway!
That husband of mine! He is SO soft! If you read our previous post you remember Payton's woes with everyone leaving us. So he went to town for work one day and came home with a...KITTEN! She was tiny, about 6 weeks old. So for those 5 days I was blissed out! No one but the kiddos to look after! And now here we are back to Mom being the one to care for the little thing because it can't survive 4 kiddos on its own! I am not changing the litter box because I know it was a no no but that means it is not getting changed...hmm, we'll see how long this lasts!

SO I mention this because the picture below shows Payton looking at the kitten. In the picture you will see Payton and a bald spot. I was giving Halle a shower and had the baby fingernail scissors out to cut the rubber bands off her ponytails. It didn't bother me that Payton had come in but when I turned around she was cutting her hair with the nail scissors! Now at first I wasn't worried because they are not sharp at all, I couldn't cut nails or rubber bands with them! But they cut hair, see the picture below. THAT NAUGHTY GIRL!

Warm weather came quickly this year! The past 2 days I think this miserable taste of what is to come this summer has made me SWEAT! I am already grateful for our AC.
Unfortunately this has made the kiddos want to be outside and in our unfinished yard the dirt is unimaginable and the cleaning of the kiddos DOES drive me crazy! Brian said that we are 5th on the Yard Makeover List (landscaper) and that will be about 4 weeks from now. I can't wait!

If you remember from a previous pregnancy post I have been lucky enough to miss most of the symptoms. Unfortunately about 18 weeks I was hit with pregnancy induced carpal tunnel. My hands went numb and hurt constantly. I would wake up multiple times a night because of it. The doctor recommended braces and they honestly worked for a bit, but not really. So last Monday I went to see a doctor and they gave me a shot in my left hand which was the one that hurt the most. The shot hurt worse than any other pain I've ever experienced, that being said I am about to experience worse pain in August :) but for now, OUCH! The relief was great, for about 4 days. For the past 2 days the numbness has been creeping back into the left hand but not the pain. The doctor told me that if it worked I could come back and get it in the other hand, but with the numbness returning I don't think I'll have it done.

Enough from me!
I'll leave you with an awesome sight! On our way home from Lewiston tonight we saw a double rainbow! It was awesome! It was also raining so I couldn't roll down my window to take the picture I had to take it through the window but think it turned out OK!

See! Cute kitten but look at that hairstyle!
Poor Halle. If you've been in our yard you'd know that they are going UP hill. She is too big for Payton to pull so she spends her time pulling around the others :) What a GREAT big sister!