Thursday, May 6, 2010

Payton's baby

Payton is SO excited about this pregnancy! She talks about the baby all of the time. Today she said, "Maybe you'll have a princess baby" how cute!
She is always wanting to see my belly and talk to the baby. Not new for Payton who loves babies! She has had the hardest time missing Alexa, but I truly believe Heavenly Father gave us this pregnancy for Payton.
She wakes up about 30 minutes before everyone at nap time and we watch a "Doctor Show" I've recorded, either Maternity Ward or Babies:Special Delivery. I only let her watch C-Sections so she believes that when this baby comes it will be cut from my belly (which for now is ok with me).
The other day we watched the birth of a baby with gastro...something, where the insides were on the outside. It really affected her. She immediately went downstairs and got her eye patch from her pirates costume and put it over her belly button. When asked what it is for she said, "to keep my belly safe" afraid her insides would come out :) Then she got her pretend blood pressure cuff and hooked it to her eye patch, "my air compressor to keep my baby safe", the blood pressure cuff mimics a fetal heart monitor (we see them on the moms on TV all of the time). She claims she has a baby bunny in her belly. Some mornings she wakes up and asks, "Mom how's the baby in your belly today?" I say "Good", she replies "mine too".
She kept the eye patch and cuff on for about 2 weeks!

Here is a picture :)


DawLaneyBugsMom said...

I loved seeing you two yesterday! Payton is such a big girl. She will be a great Big Sister!

You look great too! Pregnancy suits you well! (even though you don't feel it)