Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Kids, Kids, Kids!

Payton comes up with some of the most hilarious sayings. She is always using new words and not always correct :)
We have recently started giving Halle friendly reminders. She doesn't always open her mouth all the way and so most of her speech is unintelligible. So we tell her to get the rocks or marbles out of her mouth. This morning Payton woke us up and climbed into bed between us, visiting with Brian. When he asked me a question and I answered with MMM HMMM Payton said, "Mom you need to get the mumbles out of your mouth."
She also calls an umbrella an ungrella, I don't always correct her :)

Parker is also expanding his vocabulary. Right now his favorite phrase is, "Yet me go!" But he also frequents, cup, up, eat, peas(please) and right now he is loving Easter candy and that is the only time I can get him to say, MO, MO PEAS.

Halle has been sick quite a lot this year. It is weird because before she started preschool we were never sick, we knew it would change but not so often! She usually fights a cough and fever, I am grateful for the lack of vomiting! But oh she is so whiny! She loves being sick, she gets to watch TV, lay around, and doted on. If I ask her to do something she doesn't want to do she cops that sick face, drops her eyes, and lays down, sometimes making herself cough then telling me she is too sick.

Sofia is getting sassier with every day! She mimics her sisters and it drives me crazy! Her new phrases are, "You're a liar", "Dat's not fair", "You not my friend". The girls tattle each time and my response is, "Where did she hear it?" of course from them! She is also getting more independent about choosing her own clothes. I go in and pick out a pair of pants or shirt and she will say, "No mama, not that one!"

Alexa of course is amazing! She sleeps from about 8pm to 4 in the morning then eats and falls asleep and wakes again about 8. That is her routine, she wakes, she eats, she plays and smiles, and then sleeps again. Besides Parker she is the happiest baby yet!

Other than that we can't wait for Spring! But we are not happy about the state of the yard now that the remodel is over. MUD! YUCK!