Sunday, February 21, 2010

Goal and Pregnancy

First I'll talk about "The Pregnancy"
It is STILL not really real. We talk about it hypothetically and wonder but caution is still our biggest emotion.
I am feeling good! I find that if I have a spurt or day of energy I pay for it later. Last weekend I got a cleaning bug and scrubbed the kitchen, did 6 loads of laundry, vacuumed, and I am sure there was more but I did more in one day than I had done in 3. BUT the next day I couldn't open my eyes! I heard Halle come in at 6:45 and got up and followed her downstairs to the living room, wrapped myself up in a blanket and fell back asleep, that's how my day went, I did nothing! After getting dinner cleaned up everyone went downstairs and I sat down in the chair and fell asleep for 45 minutes!
It happened today too! Last night I cleaned my office, which was no small task! This morning I suffered! Thank goodness it was Sunday! Brian sent me to bed at 9:30 this morning and I woke up at noon! WHEW!
I don't go back to the doctor until March :( to me that seems like SO far away, I do have to be honest and say that PATIENCE is not one of MY virtues!

We went to the park today! We have been trying to get there for a few weeks but the dodgy weather has not cooperated or Brian has had other things on his schedule :) But you will find pictures of our time out today!

Our sassy house has still not quieted. I am finding more and more disrespect and loss of rules. I shouldn't BLAME it on anything but all 3 girls are talking back and I do blame it on cabin fever. I hope that once the weather gets better and we are all not staring at each other and breathing down one another's necks we may get along better!

I wouldn't say lazy... but I am putting off potty training Sofia because I worry about the carpet :) or because I worry she isn't ready? She has all of the signs. Tells me when she needs changed, goes long periods with a dry diaper...Honestly, I am TIRED! But I am setting a goal! I am going to start tomorrow! I think we will do Pull Ups for the sake of the new carpet. But setting the timer and including her will hopefully get some results! I'll keep you posted!