Monday, February 15, 2010

Meet MOUTH, a productive day, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAYTON!

Today was kind of a unique day.

Alexa woke up at 1 and 7 last night and this morning so I got a good amount of sleep.
I got 6 loads of laundry washed, folded, and put away-or in 2 loads cases hung up to dry on racks.
I made 3 peacan pies per Bakerella's instructions that my husband peeked and said, "those look store bought" I could take no higher praise, but when he ate half a pie for dessert we were both surprised because most things I "try" don't turn out, but I hit the nail on the head with these!
And to boot I am not that tired!

I just finished 2 books in 3 days. (The Hunger Games and Catching Fire) To be honest with the hype I did not believe these books to be as fantastic as others, but I couldn't stop until I finished the first, and then spent the night thinking about it so much and wondering that I started and finished the 2nd today. Not reading as you can tell by my day, but listening to them as Audiobooks, which I find make my day go faster, and satisfies my love for books! I did enjoy the 2nd book WAY better than the first and can't wait for the 3rd in August.

When Halle and then Payton were babies I had a fetish with not dressing them in the same thing twice in a period of time. That meant we had a lot of extra clothes :) I offered them to a family member who had a little girl that could use them. I was shocked and angered however to hear, "No thanks, we don't want your Aunt Jemima clothes". So I boxed them up and sent them to a few different friends that had girls around the girl's ages, and they were SOOO appreciative. I bring this up because tonight Brian jokingly said pointing at my stomach, "will it wear Aunt Jemima clothes?" I laughed and said, "Of course! I have GREAT taste in baby clothes!" That made me laugh, to think of reusing clothes, which now I do put them in without worrying about how often they wear them because we don't see as much family now as we did when our family was smaller :) and so I don't care what they wear, and honestly sometimes we don't get out of our pajamas. I know that this will only last a few more years, I am taking advantage while it lasts :)

Halle has started into a phase that makes me want to make her walk around with a bar of soap in her mouth just for good measure.
She will ask for something, let's say Cool Whip. I'll tell her no, or not right now and she will come back with, "well if I want Cool Whip and you say no and I want some it is ok for me to have some" she does the same thing with clothes, she is not allowed to wear skirts to school. My reasons are always the same, "It's too cold outside, wait for Spring, I am not sure if you can be appropriate in a skirt at school." and some mornings she will deliberately get dressed in tights and a skirt, usually a tutu, and say, "I want to wear a skirt, so I will". She has also taken to tormenting her sister. Let's say that Payton cannot go with the family to Lewiston unless she gets her room clean. Halle can be found outside Payton's door singing, "You can't go to Lewiston, Mom and Dad are going to leave you." over and over again. Of course Payton just gets anxious and can't even do her task because she is sooooo worried that we are going to leave, and she cries and breaks down.
I am not sure where this MOUTH came from but it doesn't fly with me. I let her get away with it when she just did it periodically to me, but no more little lady. I was on my own until yesterday when she finally mouthed off to Brian and we put down our rules. If she is heard saying anything hurtful, or "bad language" there are consequences. But that doesn't stop her, she sees somethings worth the scolding or corner, or whatever. Let's hope this phase passes. But that doesn't mean I'll be sane at the end of it :)

It is safe to say that Sofia loves my camera! She brought it to me today and asked me, "Mom I say cheese? Pease" then runs off to the stairs where I usually take their photos and posed :) Then she slowly walked towards me as I clicked away. When I want her to smile she usually doesn't, she is usually SOOO serious and is solemn. So I will post a few of those smiles along with Payton's party.

Speaking of Payton's Birthday. She had a GREAT day! She chose the dinner, she wanted just white rice. I talked her into Spaghetti though :) After that we opened presents. She got a card from Great Grandma Noleen, and a card from Grandpa John and Grandma Cindy-she loves getting mail, they were a hit! Then she opened Duplo Blocks from Mom and Dad to go with a square 2 sided table that didn't arrive until today, one side is lego and one side is a car track. She opened the letters of her name to put on her wall. She also got a cash register, she loved scanning things all night :) but THE CAKE was a hit! We got a chocolate on chocolate cake from Costco with a beautiful rainbow, she loved the rainbow! She also loved the balloons :)