Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A video and ramblings

A new post? Who me?

Not much new here. REALLY! So here are a few ramblings.

Still in the rental...
Still waiting impatiently...

We went to the pumpkin patch last weekend. The kids had a GREAT time. We ate at Fazzaris afterwards, the girls love it there! For those of you that don't know, it is a pizza place with fab pizza you can watch them make! The girls love watching them make it and are constantly knocking on the thin window and giving thumbs up :)

Payton had her first Ballet parents night. I was horrified! She totally ignored the teacher. I am guessing that it has to do with us in there watching, and the teacher told me she wasn't always insubordinate, but all of my video is of her having to be redirected more than anyone!
She has developed a fascination with the guitar. She is constantly asking me questions, how it works, how to draw it, can she have one for Christmas, her birthday, any day, etc.
She has also embraced drawing on her MagnaDoodle. She spends most of her days with it, she often talks Brian into drawing cities, dragons, kids, airplanes, ect.

Halle had a few hard days last week at school. Besides being more than a foot taller than all of the other kids, she is 4 feet tall(I am 5 feet tall) she is 4, and I am 27... anyway a girl told her she looked like mud, also that she was stinky.
To be honest she is stinky, she wears deodorant, from the time she was 2, just a fact in our house. But it hurt her, and the next day she didn't want to go. But she is better now.
There is a mom that often volunteers that is pregnant, Halle has not stopped talking about having a baby in her belly. She talks and talks about wanting one. When I explained to her that she needs to be in college and married, she starts in on getting one from an airplane, "Mom let's go to the airport today and get a baby."

Sofia has finally hit those terrible 2's. It took the "gwasses" to turn on that fire, but now she is defiant, sassy, and just plain rude! It's good to know she is on target!
She always thanks me every morning for putting on her glasses. ADORABLE!
She is also trying to expand her vocabulary, telling me when I tell her no that I am being appropriate, instead of inappropriate, which is what she means. She is also always asking to: 1. Get Dressed, 2: Put her shoes on, 3: Put her jacket on, and that's it. She walks around the house fully dressed, I guess ready to go at a moments notice if that were to ever happen. She has also asked to, "go potty" every time I change her diaper, sometimes when we are at a resturant and someone has to go she throws a fit until we take her too!

What can I say about Parker? He is adorable. Sweet. Snuggly. He is getting quite the temper! If I give him a snack or meal that he doesn't approve of he bangs on his tray and makes a terrible noise, sending food everywhere! BUT if it is something he likes he has a constant mmm mmm mmm mmm until he is finished and then signs and says more and it comes out, "mo, mo, mo" CUTE!


Alaina and Kyle said...

Oh I love your stories!!! Don't know if I'm ready for it :) It sure is fun to read about though.

Laura said...

Ellie saw your picture and said, "Oh I want to go to Amanda's house. Let's go tomorrow."

If only we could. *sigh* I would pick up Parker and eat those chubby cheeks! I love them!