Thursday, October 29, 2009

If you can't say anything nice...

Why the gaps between blogging? You probably caught the title and can guess! That's right! I was taught that if I couldn't say anything nice not to say anything at all. Let me tell you, a lot of good it does me to NOT say anything with all of the not nice things floating around in my head!

SO instead of getting a play by play of all of the naughty things that would like to come out I am going to side track everyone including myself with some randomness! I'll be back over the weekend to post Halloween photos I hope!

It is no secret that I love all kinds of music, but I REALLY love lyrics best!
So here are some bits of songs that I sang at the top of my lungs on the way home yesterday and can be found on my iPod under MOM'S BEST

Fireflies by Lori McKenna
Before you met me I was a fairy princess
I caught frogs and called them prince
And made myself a queen
And before you knew me I'd traveled 'round the world
And I slept in castles
And fell in love
Because I was taught to dream

I found mayonnaise bottles and poked holes on top
To capture Tinkerbell
And they were just fireflies to the untrained eye
But I could always tell

Cause I believe in fairytales
And dreamer's dreams
Like bedsheet sails
And I believe in Peter Pan
And miracles, anything I can to get by
And fireflies

Pretend by Scott Porter and The Glory Dogs
Maybe she's crazy a little like you (my favorite line)
Everyone said you were nothing but trouble
All that I know is that I've never been here before
And though I'll never leave you, if it's alright with you
Dreaming of oceans while jumping in puddles and
All of my life I pretend you where there by the door

Someone To Fall Back On by Aly Michalka
I'll never be a knight in armor without a sword in hand or kamakazi fighters
Don't count on me to storm the barricades and take a stand or hold my ground
You never see in the scars or wounds, to walk on coals i won't walk on water

I am no prince
I am no saint
I am not anyone's wildest dream
But i will stand behind and be someone to fall back on

Tell me that i need to take your side
If I'm the only one I'm used to that
I've been alone I'd rather be the half of us
Least of you, the best of me

And i will be
I'll be your prince
I'll be your saint
I will go crashin' through fences in your name (my favorite line)
I will i swear
I'll be someone to fall back on

I'll be the one who waits
For as long as you let me
I will be the one you need
I'll be someone to fall back on

In The Details by Lisa Loeb
Silly face
Twinkly stars
Clowns with big shoes
Really fast cars
And elephants at the zoo
you don't see everyday
I like to see the world this way

Rain on the roof
The cat running by
Wind through the trees
A songbird's cry
Ripping wrapping paper on my birthday
I like to hear the world this way

It all looks so big to someone little like me
But that doesn't mean there's too much to see
From the largest tree to the smallest snail
Everything that matters is in the details

Cold ice cream
Chocolate cake
Pancakes with syrup
And the soup my mom makes
Snowflakes fall on my tounge
and they always taste so great
And I always clean my plate

My father's hug
A puppy's fur
Laughing so hard
'Til my belly hurts
Getting tucked into my bed at the end of the day
The world feels so good this way

You wouldn't wanna miss
A ladybug's smile or a butterfly's kiss
The smallest things are the biggest deal
Or at least that's how I feel

Everything that matters is in the details