Monday, October 12, 2009

Photopalousa and Goings on

It is safe to say that the past few days have SUCKED for me lately, some days have even been devastating. So without putting all of THOSE bad worded experiences here I thought I'd share some bright spots :) HOLD ON FOR A TON OF PHOTOS!
The girls have been SUPER creative lately. Those drawing boards or Magna Doodles are a HOT commodity in our house right now! Halle loves drawing bugs, or "ants" and talks about how hungry they are. Payton is into drawing portraits of mom! WHOA! I am flattered and can't resist taking a photo! We are still in the rental and that is hard on us all. A tiny and confining space is hard for such active kids, but we have managed and it is ALMOST over! So Brian frequently takes us on outings for milk or to the pumpkin patch! Parker has been pretty sick too. He had shots last week and developed a fever of 104.2 and after 3 days it diminished only to pop out in a nasty red rash ALL OVER his body, his lips also cracked and bled, poor little guy!
The kids are anxiously waiting for Halloween, we are going as, Parkersaurous and the 3 Fairies. The girls ask every day if it is time :) I can't wait!

Ok on to the photos!

Halle in dress-up, playing with her "ants"
Sofia, adorable Sofia
Payton on her tip toes "for Shauna", showing off her "dance"

Halle's interpretation of Dad, notice the tiny glasses and the chin hair?
Payton drawing Mom


Halle 10/12/09
Payton 10/12/09
Sofia 10/12/09
Parker 10/12/09 and mom playing around with Photoshop


Julie N. said...

Wow! Your kiddos are so stinkin' cute! I love the pumpkin pics! Sorry it's been a hard couple of days but at least you've got some good memories too!

DawLaneyBugsMom said...

What a beautiful life you have. Keep your chin up. You are in my thoughts ALWAYS!!
Hugs and Candy Kisses!!!