Saturday, August 15, 2009

Halle the Helper and other Halleisims

Halle has turned into a helper almost overnight!
I've expected much from this older child and it seems that she has decided to take my role into consideration as well.
This morning I put Parker into the highchair and went upstairs to talk to Brian. A few minutes later there was Parker at my feet, WHAT? how did he do that? Then there was Halle, "I helped mom". So she got the tray off and got him out of the high chair! SCARY!
A little later Sofia was in the chair supposedly eating when she appeared at my side? WHAT? She really doesn't care to sit in her chair and whines more than she eats. Then there was Halle, "she wanted out". Very simple answer. A few days ago she "helped" by wanting to put the salad dressing away, then it fell to the floor when the fridge was opened again. Putting the pepper away, it goes in the cabinet next to the sink, she jumped up on the counter, sitting on a fresh loaf of bread, then when she got down she tripped and knocked over a box of muffins and other things. What a helper.

Lately she has been very inquisitive. Not the usual WHY, of "Time to go to bed, WHY?"
But Why does it rain, why does it thunder, what is a garden made of, what do kangaroos, koalas, pandas, birds etc, eat? Why do wo have to go to school? Why does dad work?

She sure is GROWING!


Julie N. said...

So cute! And I love your scrapbook pages. They make me want to work on my own!