Monday, August 17, 2009

Day 1: Demo

Today it became OFFICIAL!
The tractors and trucks pulled up around 7:45 and worked all day.
Today's task was dig, dig, dig! Or the proper term would be excavate?
The girls stood glued to the back door watching in awe, "Mom look, its a tractor in the back yard!" or, "MOM, MOM, the truck is stuck in the driveway, go push it out! HELP!"

I am disappointed that are beautiful yard was torn to shreds :( I shed a few tears over seeing its destruction. But the noise wasn't that unbearable.

Here are a few photos from today.

The driveway after everyone had left, just a PILE of dirt and a nice new ride!

One view from the backyard. The deck was just under the sliding door and there used to be stairs leading up from that door to the backyard.

The death of a beautiful yard after only 1 day!

Another view, not seeing the hole, or CRATER!

The view from the inside.