Monday, May 4, 2009

Where have these been all my life?

When I was a nanny in the summer of 01 the little boy ALWAYS took his clothes and diaper off. When I had the Learning Center parents always asked me how they could keep their little one in their clothes at night...
THEN we had 1 that was terrible at painting with her diaper!
And when we had our oldest foster girl last year, she could have REALLY used these! If Sofia starts showing ANY signs of artistic intentions in the middle of the night, I definitely know what to do now!

"The Little Keeper Sleeper® is the safe, secure, and smart way to prevent children from removing their sleepers and diapers. Its unique patent-pending design separates it from all other sleepers. Having the zipper on the back of the garment is essential, but not enough to stop persistent toddlers! Our garment also features a non-stretchable neck and a special two-way snap closure system, making removal extremely difficult for children. Our product is snug-fitting, comfortable, and may be worn as pajamas or an undergarment."