Friday, April 24, 2009


Here we are, day 3 of our vacation.

5:30 AM: Departed from Winchester
11:00 AM: Arrived in Boise
We surprised the girls with a trip to the zoo! They had so much fun! It was 80 degrees!
Shopped at the Outlet Mall!
4ish: We arrived in Twin Falls!
5ish: We met with Aunt Christy and played at the park!
Bed in Twin!

After a rough night
8:00 drove to Buhl to see Papa and Grandma! The girls had a blast, writing and playing, they had new 5 week old kittens!
12:30 Brian off to meeting and kids took a nap
4:00 Grandma Bobett and Cori came to visit us at our hotel.
5:30 Got pizza and met Grandma and Papa, Grandma Noleen, Cori, Monica, Josh, Hanna, Brock for a pizza party at a place called Hop 2 It-a warehouse full of bouncy slides, houses, and training courses!
7:00 Walmart
8:30 Home for the night

Another rough night
11:00 Left for Idaho Falls
3:00 Arrived in Idaho Falls
Visited with Grandma Dixie!
6:30 Swimming at the Hotel

Here we are! Some pictures are posted below!


Alaina and Kyle said...

Sure looks like you guys are having lots of fun. You are sure brave with 4 little ones on the road and as busy as ever. They are blessed to have you guys as wonderful parents!!

Julie said...

Oh Man!! I Missed you!? The kids are getting so big- and so dang cute. I Bet they loved the kittens and the zoo..