Friday, April 24, 2009


Here we are, day 3 of our vacation.

5:30 AM: Departed from Winchester
11:00 AM: Arrived in Boise
We surprised the girls with a trip to the zoo! They had so much fun! It was 80 degrees!
Shopped at the Outlet Mall!
4ish: We arrived in Twin Falls!
5ish: We met with Aunt Christy and played at the park!
Bed in Twin!

After a rough night
8:00 drove to Buhl to see Papa and Grandma! The girls had a blast, writing and playing, they had new 5 week old kittens!
12:30 Brian off to meeting and kids took a nap
4:00 Grandma Bobett and Cori came to visit us at our hotel.
5:30 Got pizza and met Grandma and Papa, Grandma Noleen, Cori, Monica, Josh, Hanna, Brock for a pizza party at a place called Hop 2 It-a warehouse full of bouncy slides, houses, and training courses!
7:00 Walmart
8:30 Home for the night

Another rough night
11:00 Left for Idaho Falls
3:00 Arrived in Idaho Falls
Visited with Grandma Dixie!
6:30 Swimming at the Hotel

Here we are! Some pictures are posted below!


Stevenson Family said...

Sure looks like you guys are having lots of fun. You are sure brave with 4 little ones on the road and as busy as ever. They are blessed to have you guys as wonderful parents!!

Julie Jean said...

Oh Man!! I Missed you!? The kids are getting so big- and so dang cute. I Bet they loved the kittens and the zoo..