Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Vegan in the family?

Can my daughter have been born a Vegan?

Payton was born with a milk intolerance, she drank soy milk as a baby and rice milk as a little one. She cannot put milk in her mouth today without gaging before she can try and swallow, same with eggs, just the texture makes her gag.

She does not eat meat, she will hold it in her mouth until it fills with saliva and then gags or throws up!

She LOVES rice and beans! Veggie Chili and White Rice are 2 of her favorite meals! At dinner her favorite thing to eat is the salad, she likes Italian dressing if any at all.

I just wonder if I should help her embrace this lifestyle or encourage her to try new things...

I thought it was a phase but from birth?
I know this way of eating is healthier, but I worry about her getting enough nutrients...

What am I going to do with her?