Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Traveling continued...

So on Saturday we got up LATE and ate breakfast at the Hotel.
We went to Grandma Dixie's and visited with her and my grandparents, cousins, and aunts and uncle until they had to leave for a funeral.
11:30 Back to the Hotel for a nap! Once the kids were down Brian let me loose! I went out for the afternoon to the Mall and bought some adorable things at Baby Gap and Old Navy!
3:30 Brian called to let me know the kids were up. I headed back to the Hotel
4:00ish Took Halle and Payton swimming in the hotel pool.
5:00ish G'ma Dixie called to let us know she was back and we left for her house.
This was probably the greatest day for Payton. Connor brought his rocket launcher out and Payton took over, jumping on the button to release the rocket. She did this all afternoon! Meanwhile, we ate fantastic tacos and visited with family.

Sunday we woke up to snow so our plans for the zoo were out.
We got ready to go eat when G'ma dixie called to tell us that EVERYONE was coming to eat breakfast with us! I think there were 16 all together! It was a great morning!
We went back to our room and put the kids down for a nap then headed to Blast Off an indoor fun center. We met a friend of mine and her family there along with my family. The kids played and played! I would show you pictures but I forgot my battery charger for my camera and it was dead!
After Blast Off we went to Target, I LOVE Target! Then back to G'ma dixies for dinner and visiting. Then we all went back to the hotel and swam!
It was a long night with Sofia and only 2.5 hours of sleep then we loaded the van and drove home!
We arrived home after 9.5 hours in the van and only 1 stop. It was a rough trip home but we made it!

Now we are home. Trying to unpack and everything is not appealing and to think...WE WOKE UP TO SNOW this AM!

Ok so here are the last of the pictures I took before the camera died!