Sunday, February 1, 2009


Grandpa turned 50 today! We went to a party for him yesterday and here are the pictures! Halle was having so much fun eating that she didn't do a lot of playing so there are not too many pictures of her :) Payton and Sofia were hamin' it up! Parker was being his usual adorable self!
We also made a poster for Grandpa, I asked the girls to name a few things about grandpa and their is a poster page attached that we gave him :) They also loved singing to him and Halle blew out the candles because she had been eyeing the cake all night! The picture of Sofia under the plant was HILARIOUS! She was first trying to touch it, but that is a no no! So then she sat down and scooted as close as she could to it and then looked up, I have another picture where one of the leaves caught her cheek and she squealed! PRICELESS!