Thursday, February 5, 2009

What a phone call!

Sorry it's been so long!
I've been busy making pages and of course still being domestic. I've never had so many urges keep the house clean, this cabin fever is killing me!

Payton's birthday is in a few days, she talked to my sister on the phone yesterday and it was so funny! "It's almost Valentines, and my birthday, I will be a witch for Halloween." She is getting ready to be 3, still potty training.

Sofia is using her words more and more, she gets frustrated with something, a toy or herself and usually says, " more" "Halle, no hit, no whine."

So nayway JCPENNY has been a great website for me to order things online and they have some GREAT deals! But to order they sneakily sign you up when you put in your email for an order confirmation for some membership and charge you $10 a month, I thougth this was against the law but I guess I didn't read the fine print. So today I called the number and was told that it states when I imput my email address this happens, (understand I am not in a great mood anyway) so I ask the lady so can I ever order anything from JCP online again without being charged this $10 fee? She said she had to ask then transfered me which enraged me more! So then the supervisor says, "Just don't imput your email address." I said, "how am I supposed to track my packages?" he said, "it really isn't that accurate and is the only way to avoid it according to my question."


Finally he agreed to refund my money and take me off the list!