Saturday, January 3, 2009

A weepy day

Have you ever had one of those days? Nothing is going wrong but it just doesn't feel right? Always feeling on the verge of tears but not knowing why?

Today for me is one of those days. I think I'll attribute it to loneliness :) Brian was called away to work early this morning and unlike most days he hasn't been able to pop in once or twice. I know it's silly but not seeing him for a WHOLE day makes me lonely. FUNNY I know that I have a house full of little ones but not one good conversation between them unless I want to dress up like a fairy or talk about Dragon Mountain :) We've been snowed in for about a month, I've made 3 or so trips out in that time! Maybe because today was sunny I we could actually get out I'm feeling grumpy! CABIN FEVER!

It is pretty ridiculous that I haven't taken any pictures since Christmas! But bad hair days just seem to plague me these days! Hopefully I get a decent picture soon!


Jodi said...

Today is one of those days for me too! I feel for you with all of the snow though!