Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Snow and PAIN!

Yesterday we woke up to 4 inches of new snow! It was still snowing when Brian left for work and as he left I watched him out the window and happened to glance up and saw the tree in our front yard so laden with snow it was laying on the power lines from the power pole to our house! Brian had said before he left that I needed to warm the house up because it was a good change we would lose power. The wind was blowing SO hard about 35mph, Halle said, "Look Mama the trees are dancing!" meaning our shrubs that surround the house! HAHA So I called Brian at work and told him about the tree and he suggested I go out and hit the branches to knock the snow off BUT he wanted me to call before and after so he knew I was safe and not electrocuted or anything
So I went out in my boots and sunk up to my knees! and whacked and whacked and just about broke the broom :) instead I grabbed the branch and swung from it :) Not 2 hours later the wind was blowing but the sun was out and the snow was melting!
I will show you the photos but have to tell you the PAIN I took getting these photos! I wanted a shot of the tree in the backyard and Bindi was there eagerly awaiting to be played with. I started taking pictures from the doorway and she wanted IN and went between my legs knocking me flat on my BUM! I didn't put my hands out because I wanted to save my camera :) so all of me landed hard and now my backside down to my knee KILLS! Probably a pulled muscle, just my luck, what I wouldn't do for a picture! Enjoy!

The view from our porch
The tree in the front yard laden with snow

The bush in the backyard

The tree that I took the fall for!