Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Ok, yes I am GOING bonkers!

I am a computer nerd yes, I do admit to that! I currently work off of 2 computers and always have one with me :) SO since yesterday our Internet has not worked and I seriously have gone through withdrawls!

It really isn't back completely it keeps kicking me off and that STINKS for downloads but is ok for blogger because it saves every few seconds :)

SO while I wait an hour for a page to load, NO KIDDING, I am doing dishes, laundry, and anything else I can think of to keep busy!



Jill said...

OH! I can so relate! We used to have a not so reliable ISP. We changed in Aug and it has been wonderful! Fast, always there internet. I am so sorry you are having issues with your internet. What did we ever do without it?