Thursday, October 23, 2008

A lonesome night of peace

Tonight I am going it on my own! Brian left this morning and won't be back until late tomorrow night (after everyone is in bed :)

I am WORN out.Here it is 10 pm and I think I am going to bed! For those of you that know me, I KNOW! I am usually a night owl and LOVE to stay up later because it gives me a chance to wind down.

So Brian left and the battle began! Those blank stares that you know no one is listening! So I find that when I am busy I have more help so we started laundry, put summer clothes away/got out long sleeve shirts, AND made a huge mess, I turned around after putting everyone to bed and it looks like a tornado whipped through here!

The part I am MOST excited about is that I get to sleep in my bed tonight! Thats right! Since I've been home Parker and I have lived in the basement, a cranky baby and all nighters are a lot more bearable than a husband that has been up and down all night! I cant wait for my bed!

Ok so now it is 10:30 and I've fed Parker and put him back to bed, changed Sofia and put her back to bed and covered Halle up twice! They know I wanted to go to bed early, it must be in the air!

SO Laura led me to Flickr and this is how I feel :)


Laura said...

Oh wow! You are a brave, brave woman.

HOpe you get lots of sleep tonight. I love the pictures you linked to. That's how I feel most nights and I have half as many kids as you do. What am I ever going to do with another?!?!