Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Unveiling a non imaginary friend and other stories

Halle has been saying the funniest things lately. I found that I really have to listen to catch some things but here are a few stories I thought I would share!

I'll start of with the shorter story.

We LOVE Vanilla in our house! Only vanilla yogurt, only vanilla smells it is CRAZY how much the girls love vanilla. It may be because that is what they are used to and it is routine.
Brian was making something the other night and pulled the vanilla flavoring out of the cupboard and said, "Oohh how about some vanilla?" Halle jumped up off of the floor and said, "Dad I want a taste, a bite of vanilla, please dad, please!" So Brian got the teaspoon full and gave her a taste.
I just have to smile.
She immediately started gaging and fake choking, holding her throat and saying, "Oh dad it's poison, you poisoned me!"

Ok so this next one is more a laugh at me but it is funny just the same :)

Halle had been talking about "Beary" all day. I'd heard bits of pieces of her conversations but wasn't concerned. That afternoon we went to town and when brian would ask her questions she would answer in plural, "we want pizza" we asked, "who is we?" she would answer, "Beary"

On the way home I started asking her questions:
Me: Halle where is Beary?
Halle: Here-points to her shoulder
Me: is Beary a boy or a girl
Halle: a girl, no I'm a girl, Beary is a boy
Halle: He is my best friend
Me: is Beary a big boy?
Halle: -showing me her fingers squished together- no mama he is tiny
Halle: you know mama, BEARY

I took a few minutes then DUH

Me: Halle are you talking about Barry, the bee from Bee Movie?
Halle: -smiles- Yes, he is here-points to her shoulder again-
Me: -red faced- Oh, good!

I was SO relieved that she really didn't have an imaginary friend.


DawLaneyBugsMom said...

Dawson's imaginary friend's name was Moron! He had him for at least a year. Then he had John. Just the other day I heard him talking to John and I asked if he was visiting (because we sent John away because he was bad) and he said 'Yeah, just checking in with me, but he's leaving soon.'
They can appear at all ages. I think I need one or I might just pull my hair out!!!