Sunday, July 13, 2008

Recap #2

SO here we are!

Who would have thought after years of heartache and waiting we have been blessed so many times with beautiful little girls! And everyone we meet feels the same way! The funny thing is that everyone almost always can't help but give an opinion as well, not only about our sanity but situation as well. Defending our choices and family gets OLD, to strangers and non strangers alike. People bombarding us with questions and statements after questions and statements-I guess it wouldn't bother me so much if they were positive statements and questions, how am I supposed to know why our children came to us, all I know is that I am grateful for that period. I also think it is hilarious that people oogle at how "you have so many children" HAHAHA
I have two friends that were married in the months following Brian and I and one has 3 over 2 and one has 2 and one on the way, I wonder if they ever get questioned on their behaviors, "boy you must be in bed a lot to have so many children" or "wow why do you have so many children?" I doubt it, their children look like them therefore there are no questions asked. Funny the other day I had this conversation with Halle:

Halle: Mama you have purple eyes
Me: No my eyes are blue
Halle: Dad have brown eyes
Me: Yes, Dad has brown eyes
Halle: I have brown eyes too, like Dad!
Me: Yes, your eyes are brown, just like Dad's!

Does she question? Not yet, but she will, and when she does we will be ready with answers because she or any of our girls are the only ones with the right to know anything, everyone else is just included because they care and that matters to us. There is a fine line where caring and insult lay almost touching. It is almost to the point of saying, "is this person asking out of care for our family and their well being or just because they are nosey or looking for some fuel to fight with later?" A person would not believe the amount of scrutiny our family is under, not because we did the right thing and got married before having kids, not because we are successful in both professions but because we chose to open our hearts and home to children not sharing our DNA...


The Nielson Clan said...

I know this is an old post but I just wanted to say that I applaud all that you and Brian have done! We have some friends who have 8 children and I want you to know that the scrutiny does not stop just because your children are adopted. My poor friend doesn't even like going to the grocery store because of the looks she receives. I recently had one of them with me and decided I needed to go to Costco. I had my three (Kierra was just born) and then her for a grand total of four and I felt it...the stares and the judgements. We must remember that our society today does not understand the importance of family or the fact that mothers stay at home with their children. They might not look like you guys but they are your children through and through. You have been blessed because you have blessed those children with a loving household and stability. Remember that you will always continue to be blessed and your judgement will come in the end by the One who really matters. Keep strong and hold your head up high and proudly exclaim, I AM their mother and yes, these are ALL my children!!!