Sunday, July 13, 2008

Final Recap

With all that said...

The day before I left to get baby A we ge a call for baby B! We were excited! I get back here to meet baby B and welcome baby A into the world! Baby A's birthmom decided to keep her and I am blessed to be snuggling baby B or Sydney Lou! So baby and I will hopefully be home Wednesday or Thursday!

Thanks for all of the well wishes!


Jill said...

I admire you and Brian! How wonderful you are to welcome these beautiful children into your home and hearts! I'm saddened you did not get baby A, but oh so grateful the Lord found a way to compensate by giving you Sydney. I'm so grateful you are not going home empty handed. Best Wishes! You are AWESOME!!!!!

DawLaneyBugsMom said...

I hope the you and Sydney Lou are bonding and sharing sweet baby moments! My heart is filled with waves of joy and jabs of sorrow as I know how bittersweet this may be. I'm sending you hugs of support and comfort!