Saturday, June 7, 2008

Vacation Highs and Lows

We arrived in Seattle yesterday after a painless drive. We found our hotel with hardly any effort and settled in. The girls went to bed without much fuss and we woke up this morning STOKED to go to the Zoo! There was a 40% chance of rain and it is 8 pm and still no rain! GREAT! We went to the zoo this morning and had a FAB time! We saw a tiny baby gorilla swinging on a small branch right in front of the window, a beautiful Jaguar curled up sleeping on the opposite side of the glass, you could touch it if the glass wasn't there! We saw elephants and spiders, hippos and got to feed birds! We all stayed awake and walked for 3 entire hours! The day couldn't be all perfect though... At the end we stopped while Brian stepped away for a minute, the girls and I were leaning against a rock talking about what was next. Halle decided that she didn't want to do whatever we were doing next, started screaming and ran like a bullet shot from a gun away from me into a crowd. WHAT DID MY MOM BRAIN DO? First I yelled her name then left the other two, unwatched and untethered and ran after Halle...STUPID I know that now, well she ran into the men's bathroom to find Brian, there she was standing in there with him...Sorry to any of those others I burst in on looking for her :)
I was SO angry I couldn't talk to her, I couldn't look at heart was pounding and there was Dad just smiling and laughing..I guess that was the best he could do to keep me calm...
We came back to the hotel and went to bed STRAIGHT AWAY!

After nap we went to a nearby Mall...I guess only in my part of the world would there be food at a mall. At this mall there was 1 food stand and no tables to eat at...I felt like a fish out of water...more like a speck of dirt on a clean car! I cant stand next to a Prada sunglasses hut and not feel weird!
We still have one day of vacation left and Brian has promised me a trip to the local outlet mall...he saw how weird I felt and wants to make me feel better :)
We are EXCITED to see Aunt Holly tomorrow!

A funny note to leave you here with tonight is this:
Halle was jumping on the bed, I told her not to because it was a hide a bed and it would bite her :) but when she was supposed to be sleeping we hear this HUGE noise and sure enough the bed "ate her" she screamed, "MAMA MAMA MAMA, HELP ME HELP ME I BE EATED" I walked in there and she was stuck between the mattress and the cushions. HAHAHAHAHA