Monday, June 2, 2008

Such a BAD DAY

I guess I should have known that when Halle woke me up a little after 5 this morning that the day would not be great.
Sofia banged her top teeth on the door jam and blood spurted for awhile, Halle woke in a terrible mood, and Payton a mood for trouble :) I woke with a headache and when I tried to get the Advil I lost the lid and in trying to catch it I spilled the entire COSTCO sized bottle on the floor. Then Sofia as graceful as she is fell head first out the sliding door, I didnt think she would actually go since it was STILL RAINING when I woke up and it was a bit chilli outside. By me being in a sour mood it makes the girls in a sour mood and argue/fight/cry/whine/scratch/bite...
And because I neglected laundry last week I have a counter here to wash and fold AND dishes to put away, do, and put away...