Wednesday, January 23, 2008

How funny

What a RECORD!

Halle slept through the night last night in her new room!
Tonight I out her in bed and I watched her from the chair for a few minutes and she has the quirkiest habits!
She has to have 2 blankets on her and she sleeps with a frog pillow, a stuffed baby and a stuffed monster she made at Build A Bear. I found the monster and baby and handed them to her but the pillow was MIA and it was dark so I thought she'd settle without it but I noticed she sat up and shook one blanket out then the other and put them on the floor, took the pillow out of its case and put it on the floor and then felt around on her hands and knees searching. I said, " Halle do you need help?" She said,"Mama I can't find my frog? Where's my frog?" I went over to where she was and told her to get back in bed, covered her up and put her things back on her bed and then reached under her bed and found the grog. She said, "Oh my frog, thank you mama!" I watched her put her baby under one arm, her monster under the other and tucked the pillow under her neck, laid down and fell asleep!

How funny!


Laura said...

Hey, whatever works! I would make sure never to lose any of those things if they equal sleep for you.

That's like Ellie with her pacifier. We freak out if we lose it because it equals no sleep for us.

Laura said...

My mom likes reading your blog. She mentioned that you don't write very often and I agreed with her.
To give you inspiration, I've tagged you. Check out my blog for instructions.