Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Busy as a bee

It's been awhile!

Halle has not been sleeping...2.5 hours one night and 4 hours another, sometimes napping and sometimes not...I am completely exhausted!
We moved Halle into Sofia's room and gave Payton her own hoping this will cure the problem...only I can hope!

I have been taking pictures but not so energetically wanting to edit them so here they are unedited for the time being!

We also started Spring Cleaning early! We have taken each room by storm and are over half way done!

Here is Payton our "tiny dancer" being silly

Halle and Sofia sporting the same 'do

All smiles Sofia in an outfit from Aunt Christy

Halle insisted on wearing Moms glasses


Laura said...

I love that outfit from Aunt Christy. Cute. But when are your girls in anything that's not adorable? I'll venture to say never.