Monday, March 26, 2012

Marching through March

Where has the time gone?
I've got a desk calendar on the fridge full of my hand writing and our weeks are just full!
The girls are enjoying kids Zumba. We go on Thursdays and they really like shaking it!
Halle started soccer. She had never played before but is really enjoying herself. We've noticed that from her first to second game she has developed more confidence.
School is going great, who can believe that it's almost over for the summer!

Payton decided that she wants to try karate. She didn't want to play soccer but I may try again this Fall. She can't wait for summer swimming!
Halle is turning out to be our social sports player. She did basketball and is now in soccer and has asked about t-ball for the summer! I am so happy that she is finding something to enjoy that keeps her active!
Sofia is going to attend a private Kindergarten this Fall. We are not sure if she is ready for public school and by going this route we will have the option of having her attend Kindergarten again the following year at the public school if she doesn't quite feel ready for 1st grade. She loves her teacher and school. She is also really into girly play right now, dolls and dress up and always wanting to wear dresses!
Parker asks every day to mow the lawn. He is all boy with his fascinations with tractors and dinosaurs and loves being outside. I try to take him somewhere just he and I (and Sydney) once a week so he doesn't feel like he is missing out on anything and his favorite thing to do is go to the farm store and sit on the lawnmowers :)
Sydney is growing like a weed! She is learning more words every day! Her favorite phrase right now is "I said stop it" I am teaching her to stand up to her siblings :) She also loves dancing!

Next week is Spring Break and marking 8 weeks left of school! YAHOO!


Jammie said...

You have a beutiful family Amanda, I came across your blog through the birthmom post by the founder of Baby Signing time.

I read your comment about being enough. I know it is our fear as an adoptive parent. Though through our two adoptions, we have a son and daughter. I promise you, you will be enough to them when all is said and done. You will always be the one they will run to with their celebrations and pains. You are their Mommy and a dang good one.

They may someday choose to navigate their bio family line, though they will love them in a very different way. I hope this helps. From one adoptive mother to another, your worries are normal... and I care that you feel them! Hugs from me.

We have a facebook page that promotes adoption... here is the link if you would like to connect with other people in similar shoes. :)

Facebook: Open Adoption, Open Heart