Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Photo Dump

I really don't like the title but it IS the truth.
February is over. I am SO happy! The weather is getting better or supposed to be getting better.
The girls are enjoying Kids Zumba. Halle starts soccer next Saturday and she is excited. She is also excited because on Fridays at her school they are going to be racing in the mornings and she has legs! Her legs are long and she can catch me when we are racing on the trampoline :)
Payton wants to do karate but I'm not sure yet.
2 months until school is over, I just cannot believe it!

We've decided to get rid of the goats. They did their job eating down the pasture and the bleating really drives Brian and I am sure the neighbors crazy. We've decided to extend the yard and make an area for a garden. We also need an area for the swing set that does not interfere with the sprinkler system. We are SUPER excited for the garden. Parker is excited for the riding lawnmower :) that Dad thinks we may need.
We are also thinking of getting chicks. I am NOT sure if we are going to raise them this year, I am not sure if I can eat home raised chickens like my friend Melissa :)

The bottom pages are from a Family History scrapbook class I am taking over at For those of you that don't know I scrapbook online.