Sunday, June 12, 2011

Surprise! A Vacation Day 3

California Adventure is nothing like I remember it.
Almost the entire park was under construction so there were rides missing, shut down, or not open yet. I was somewhat disappointed but on the other hand things went FAST! The park was practically empty (compared to Disneyland) and we did everything we wanted to do! (My camera battery died the day before so these are poor cell phone pictures, SORRY)
We got there as soon as the park opened but MOM forgot her glasses of all things and Dad had to turn around and get them. I talked to the kids on the phone that morning and walked out without my glasses, I must have been too excited about the phone call!
We walked in to California Adventure and went to a show-Disney Junior LIVE on Stage. It was FUN! We love Disney Junior! We sat on the floor and watched an energetic gal interact with the characters that were puppets! From there we went to ride the Monsters Inc ride and then saw the Monsters Inc live on the street show. Brian and Payton went on Tower of Terror elevator with no line, Payton thought it was okay :)
We went to It's Tough to be a Bug 3D show featuring A Bugs Life characters where acid(water) is spit on you from a termite, a stink bug sprays you with gas, you get stung in the back by a bee and bugs crawl under your feet. The girls were squealing and screeching along with  everyone else.
The Ariel Under the Sea ride opened on Monday and we were told that it was a 5 hour wait for that ride then! We were in line for about 30 minutes.
We went on the Grizzly River Run rafting trip twice it was SO fun! The last time we were here it had just opened and the line was 3 hours long but we road it twice in an hour!
We ended the day by watching World of Color! a show on the water, we had front rail seats and it was AWESOME! I will put a You Tube Video up that I did not shot but wanted to share!

Disney Junior LIVE on Stage

Monster's Inc ride 
Monsters Inc skit

Army Men from Toy Story

Ariel's new ride

Leaving A Bugs Life

World of Color Video

Tomorrow is lunch with the Disney Princesses and our final day!