Sunday, June 12, 2011

Surprise! Last day of vacation!

Our last day was probably a mix of greatest and most tedious.
We booked our vacation through Costco so we received a few perks besides a discount. My favorite perk would be lunch at Ariels Grotto in California Adventure "Lunch with the Princesses". The tickets would have cost us $40 each and our bill came out to $130! Thanks for that GREAT lunch Costco!
We were seated in THE BEST seats in the house!
We met Ariel first then seated at the table next to the kitchen which was the first stop for each princess Belle, Cinderella, and Snow White!
When we sit down we have a basket of bread and 3 topping choices, a 3 tiered appetizer including salad tossed in mango vinaigrette, a plate of real mozzarella cheese, different types of tomatoes, red pepper bracelets, and salami, then on the top tier 2 kinds of jello, string cheese, carrots and probably more I can't remember :)
Then we ate our delicious lunch, Brian had Tri-Tip, I had chicken and the girls had spaghetti with meatballs. Dessert...a plate with brownie bites, lava cake, chocolate chip cookie strips, raspberry cheesecake tarts, and a white chocolate conch shell! WOWEE!

We ended the day by going on 2 more rides. The girls wanted to ride on The Haunted Mansion, they claim that was their favorite but I think it is just the most memorable :) and we rode Nemo again.
Then we bought some souvenirs, went back to the hotel and packed for our 4:30 departure!

We are home now and SO happy to be but our trip was GREAT fun!