Monday, March 7, 2011

The secrets to keeping your sanity. Lesson 1- Laundry

Being a SAHM or stay at  home mom is not easy. Making the job harder is living in a remote area without the ability to experience "public" or talk with someone other than the kids 5 or 6 days in a row.
To combat the overwhelming sensation to scream :) I have come up with a schedule of sorts so I do not spend my days cleaning and being overwhelmed.

When we remolded our house I knew that I needed a schedule.

First things first. There are things that need to be done every day and I have a time schedule for some of those jobs like trash, dishes, sweeping, cleaning off the tables. I find it a great sense of accomplishment to cross jobs off after I've done them!

Today's post is about Laundry!

Laundry for 7! I found myself waste deep in laundry.

Included in everyone's Laundry Day is bedding and clothes.

My laundry system includes drawer assignments. I find it helps Dad know how to dress the kids in the chance I am gone and it also allows them to dress themselves without a fight.
Top drawer are tops to be worn to school or town, mostly out in public.
Second drawer are tops to be worn at home only.
Third drawer are outfits, cotton pants, and skirts.
Fourth drawer Jeans
Bottom drawer pajamas.

Monday's are Mom and Dad Laundry. 
I am not sure about anyone else but we don't dry the adults clothes, they are hung on a drying rack. So it is a bit more challenging for me. So on Monday's I wash no less than 4 loads of laundry but only have to fold 3 because the shirts are hung to dry.

Tuesday's are Halle and Payton's Laundry Day. I do not wash their clothes together. Another trick I learned. I spent more time sorting sizes, especially since throwing hand me downs into the mix and not remembering who is now wearing what. So I wash Halles clothes first, all except Jeans, I have a family Jean wash because they ruin other clothes.
When I fold I fold per drawer so I know what goes where.

Thursday's are Parker, Sofia, and Sydney. Unfortunately they don't get out of their pajamas some days so there is usually not a ton of laundry to do on those days.
I also put away the clothes on the drying rack this day.

Friday's are towels and rags day. 

So I have 3 laundry free days!

Any questions?