Monday, January 3, 2011

Randomness of Goal Keeping

I am not one to make New Years Resolutions. I can't keep a deal with myself to save my life!
I've tried bribing myself, threatening, and even begging and I still just can't commit to much more. Not that mom of 5, wifey, housekeeper, cook, etc. is too much for me (not yet anyway) but it's the deals with myself I have a hard time with because I can let myself down and no one but me gets hurt, I'd rather do that than disappoint someone outright or publicly :D

Of course I do have hopes and dreams. A dream of being OUT of maternity clothes. I laugh because how many years did I yearn to have the right to wear said clothes? 7 years of waiting, and let me tell you they are not all I thought they'd be. But as I said before, after waiting 7 years for something your mind has had all that time to come up with the way things should go and be and when the experience is different than you expected it is a bit awkward to swallow. Granted I am not trying too hard at the moment. I don't care to make myself crabby, you know like poking a bear with a stick, why refrain around the holidays, to become the bear to be poked, no thank you.
But now the holidays are past and it is time to get on track, let's see how far it takes us.

Another hope I have is getting my "library" cataloged.
Who knew that from the start of my college career to now I'd accumulate a ROOM full of children's books? But it does my good when we go in and the kids pick out books to hear, they love having their own "library". (kind of like that scene from Beauty and the Beast when Beast gives Belle the library)
But this means manually going through each book and typing the ISBN number into a database that finds the information online and downloads it to a program I have. TIME CONSUMING! I don't really mind doing it but the thought of finding the time is what keeps the door closed downstairs. But it has to be done soon because I am tired of finding out I have double and sometimes triple of a book I may not even like :)

On a positive note I do have to pat myself on the back for achieving another goal.
In my day I find it hard to give praise to the kids for their help or good that they've done. I am so busy catching up on the don'ts, no's, corner, that by the time we sit down for dinner they may still be working off a consequence for something that happened at naptime. So I challenged myself to give more praise, I know I still have TONS of room for improvement, but so far it is working! I am finding less fights and more help than I know what to do with these days. I just hope that as the threat of Santa leaving coal passes they will still want to do good, well myself included :) wish me luck!

Sydney is finally sleeping 5 hours at a time and if I stay up to write anymore I have only myself to blame for lack of sleep :)