Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A boy after my own heart

Ironic I would have two Parker posts back to back. Look forward to a girls post next week because we have a Christmas Concert and Ballet Recital to report along with family pictures to share...

Ok back to Parker.
I HATE wet socks! So it goes without saying that I am not a fan of the snow  because it gets tracked in and melts and my unsuspecting feet find that wet spot and it ruins my day!
Parker has inherited this trait from me.
He doesn't wear socks but also gets upset when he steps in wet. So the past week or so has been hard on us both with all of the snow and having to use the front door, which we never do unless the garage door is snowed closed, which it is at the moment. So he has taken it upon himself to be the wet police. If he steps in or spots a wet spot he will grab whatever he can find and get down on his hands and knees and dry it up. AWWWW!
Unfortunate for whatever he grabs, it is not always mop up the floor appropriate, Sydney's blanket, a dish towel, my jacket, Sofia's pajama top...but you get my point!

We had a good Thanksgiving. We hosted Brian's family and had a delicious dinner prepared by Brian (ironic isn't it that he is the good cook and I am the person responsible for the cooking)

We are done with Christmas shopping for the kiddos and I've been wrapping a few gifts at a time.

Brian and I took the two oldest girls to see Tangled last week, it was great! We are now looking forward to a snow free evening so we can get down to town and see the lights at Locomotive Park!