Thursday, November 18, 2010

A frightening moment

You'd think will all of my childcare experience I'd be prepared...but I wasn't!

To put the situation into perspective let me tell you have I've been having phone issues. I took it in and had it erased and all of the factory settings were also restored. I dutifully put Brian as my #2 speed dial and went on my merry way. Then when I tried to call him by pressing #2 it would add numbers and tell me I couldn't call internationally, WHAT? So anyway I am calling them tomorrow to tell me how to fix it...

SO Parker, my spirited little guy was hitting with a truck and when told no he melted down while chewing on a carrot I'd just given him in the kitchen. He is a drama king and sobs often. Then his sobs turned to coughs and then gasps, he was choking on that carrot! He was trying to cover his couging with his elbow (like a good boy) and then started spitting up a bit. The girls ran to get paper towels and I was trying to stay calm knowing as long as he was coughing he was ok...then he stopped coughing.
I picked up my phone and pushed #2 only to get that dumb message and didn't have time to dial the actual number. So I carried him into the kitchen and found that spot you were taught to locate in elementary school and heaved. NOTHING HAPPENED. He didn't have air in his lungs to push it out and I was running out of time! I did the only unsafe thing I could think of and stuck my finger in his mouth and caught the gag reflex which dislodged the carrot and he was ready to get down and play, not be held against his will in my lap while I tried not to fall to pieces.
I am so grateful that it worked and don't know what I would have done if it hadn't.
No more carrots for that little boy!
Let's see if I'll ever be able to sleep again!


Sallie said...

I nearly had a HEART ATTACK reading your post! Thank God he's okay!

Laura said...

That is so, so scary!! Good job keeping calm!

Alaina and Kyle said...

Oh how scary!! Boys!

Jill said...

Good job, Amanda! So glad you had the training to know what to do!