Thursday, October 21, 2010

What's on your Christmas list?

Brian and I are headed to the BIG city tomorrow and thought we would get a few ideas of what the kiddos are thinking they would like for Christmas.

Me: Payton what would you like for Christmas?
Payton: A doll house with ponies and dolls and puppies. A Barbie boy and little boy.
Me: Is that all?
Payton: Yes.

Me: Halle what would you like for Christmas?
Halle: A Beluga Whale.
Me: -silence-
Brian: *laughing*
Me: A Beluga Whale?
Halle: Yes
Brian: You mean a small one, like this big.
Halle: One with no runners, only a tail.
Me: You mean legs?
Halle: Yes
Halle: And some makeup, and a desk, and a computer, and maybe some clothes

Me: Sofia what would you like for Christmas?
Sofia: *repeats everything everyone else said*
Me: What about some dress up?
Sofia: OK
Me: Anything else?
Me: How about dress up shoes?
Sofia: Sure
Me: What about a doll?
Sofia: Mom you can get me everything.

Well it's a start but 5 is too young for everything Halle asked for except clothes, Payton doesn't take care of her items and spending a lot of money on a doll house she will climb on isn't too affordable. Sofia doesn't care what she gets...
I guess I am back at square one!


Laura said...

That's so funny! I love your girls!

My girls just want everything they see on tv, so that doesn't give us a very good idea about what they really want.

I noticed that whenever we go to a friend's house they all congregate around the play kitchens. So this year we decided to get a nice kitchen set with all the dishes and food. I'm super excited for Christmas now!!!