Sunday, October 17, 2010

Kids and their quirks

These kiddos and their quirks!
I am not sure if I mentioned before Payton's imaginary friend "Grandfather". But this girl and her "Grandfather" have all kinds of adventures. Almost anything she wants to do but is to little to do her "Grandfather" lets her do it. Their latest adventure involves "Grandfather" letting her cook eggs by herself, "I flip them over, I crack them, and everything!" (because I wouldn't let her :)
We were in the van yesterday and all the way to town she talked about where he lived and how she had other siblings that lived with him. She has SUCH an imagination!

Parker, Dear Parker! He has figured out how to get out of his crib and gets out all of the time. BUT when it is time for bed he insists on sitting not laying down, then he insists on having his baby, 3 stuffed dogs, and a huge Mickey Mouse on his lap before he gets covered up, the blanket goes OVER everything on his lap. When he gets out of his crib he takes everything with him and then kind of makes a nest with the items behind his door where he sits until it is time for him to get up.
That SILLY boy!

(Yes those are underwear around his neck)