Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Stress and Learning

I've been trying for some time now to figure out how to use my camera on Manual. I have certain tricks figured out and others still just beyond my comprehension. No matter how many times I read the directions or others instructions I just can't get it. So today I was messing around and instead of switching to Auto which is almost always nice to me I kept it in manual. Unfortunately I got a decent photo of all of the kiddos looking and the quality is grainy and makes me want to cry!
I did catch some photos of Alexa in Manual that were pretty cute. She posed in a handmade blanket from dear Dianne who has made blankets for each of our little ones. Then she was sporting a grin in her crib so I grabbed the camera and started snapping.
Halle and I have a love and logic relationship. I try to understand her but fail most days. I was not the oldest child and that makes all of the difference. In fact for 9 years I was the baby, and I guess the oldest according to the birth order stuff is always logical, whereas I am always passionate. She is constantly mothering me, and we don't see eye to eye over most tasks. How sad is that to know that your 4 year old is "wiser" than you? So when I get the camera out she rarely smiles at me. Then I ask her to nicely, and then end up not taking her picture because she stares me down. BUT on a rare day like today she was willing to bend to my will, after all I am the Mom, you'd think it would happen more often around here. So I got some silly photos of her I am happy to post. I am very grateful for her, she is a helper. She keeps her room clean, and cleans up after herself. She follows rules and does almost anything asked or not like doing dishes, wiping off the table, getting Sofia dressed, bringing in the paper, making her bed, etc. I just wish I understood her better! I am trying though, wish me luck! I learned a few weeks ago that when she starts Kindergarten this Fall the schedule is awkward to say the least! Kindergartners go to school here Tuesdays, Thursdays, and every other Friday? I am not sure how that will help her with her routined mind. I also question how much they can learn 10 days a month? I guess we'll see.

Payton is turning 4 this week. I am happy and sad for this transition. I am sad because I won't be able to say, "Yes I have 5 kids ages 4, 3, 2, 1, and 0 :) selfish I know. And happy because hopefully with age comes wisdom. Payton is such a dreamer and SOOO smart with rhyming and colors, and well most things she tries. But she needs to grow into those britches a bit :) she is too good for 3 but not old enough to know what to do with all her knowledge :) I am hoping 4 will bring what she needs :)

Parker is a stinker :) He loves to torment his sisters. And if I don't give him what he wants he either breaks down in sobs that cannot be comforted without a 10 minute snuggle in the chair, OR he gets even, knocking things off the counter, getting on the table, throwing things. Take today for instance. He wanted his cup, "CUP Pea, CUP, CUP Pea" I gave him water and handed him his cup, he took a drink and handed it back giving me the sign for milk. I told him no and he had to drink his water. He dropped his cup and went on his way, not 10 seconds later I hear POUND POUND POUND and there he is all smiles, banging on Payton's bedroom door, waking her up, I went down and grabbed him and he said, "CUP"..THAT STINKER!

Alexa had a hard few weeks these past weeks. She is sick, and a sick baby is not fun! But she also has been spitting up, most if not all of her bottle. She has been constipated, and only wants to be held. This weekend we changed her formula to Soy, wondering if she had a bit of lactose intolerance, it worked so far! She is back to eating and sleeping for more than 45 minutes at a time, she is smiling, and chatting up a storm, still spitting up a bit but I am monitoring the amount.

Sofia, sofia, sofia...what am I going to do with her? She has been to say the least, coddled. The two oldest girls do everything for her, she is a mini princess demanding and getting. She is so sassy! But she is the funniest kiddo we have! We were at a meeting the other night and she walked around telling people they were precious or special, the adults told her she was to and she nodded, like I know :) She is a jokester too! BUT her nemesis is Parker! He pushes her around, knocks her down, pulls her hair, takes her glasses off, sits or lays on her, takes her cup from her hands, steals her food, it goes on and on. We try to encourage her to use her words, and to be perceptive, if you see Parker coming, RUN, or at least be ready to tell him NO! She doesn't she just cries, and screams until someone, usually Halle or Payton rescues her. I am waiting for the day she gives it to him, it will be well overdue :)

Ok enough for today! Enjoy the photos!


Laura said...

Beautiful children! Every. Single. One.

I love all the stories. They make me laugh and wish I was there to see some of these things myself.

Jill said...

If you are selfish, which I doubt, then so am I. I used to love it (still do) when my two oldest are the same age for 8 days. It's so fun to get people's reaction when I tell them I have 5 children ages 31,29,27 and 25. Then tell them I don't have twins. :)
Love the stories. It's a good thing you are young. They make me tired!!! Keep up the Great work you do with those 5 beautiful children!