Saturday, January 30, 2010

Meet Bruiser aka OUCH and goings on

Now that Alexa is home we needed to get Sofia out of her crib. She has had a room in the basement set up since we moved back in November but when asked if she wanted to sleep in her big girl bed she would respond, "No, I no big grill bed, I cib! MY CIB!" so when I got home we put Alexa in the baby bed and left Sofia in the crib. A few weeks went by and I tried to put Sofia in her bed downstairs and she played and cried, she did not want anything to do with that bed.
A few weeks later Brian comes home and in his over excited voice tells Sofia, "Guess what today is? You are sleeping in your BIG GIRL BED, WOW!" She never looked back...

One of my favorite things right now is Parker's new game. Think Marco Polo but as Mama Parker. I will be somewhere in the house, usually opposite floor as him when I hear, "MAMA" and I'll say, "Parker" he giggles and does it again, we keep at it until he finds me and once he can see me he'll say, "BOO" it is SUPER CUTE! But does get old :)
He is also into hitting right now. If anyone is sitting down on the floor they are fair game. Poor Sofia never sees it coming and always gets it with a cup, toy, or fist. I'll warn her and say, "Sofia you need to tell Parker not to hit you" and she tells me, "No mama" so it is her own fault. But I hope this phase ends soon!

Halle is really the biggest sister. She loves to help, dishes, laundry, and her favorite thing to do right now is dress Sofia in the mornings. I am not sure if you remember my little outburst on her terrible dressing habits, well now she passes it around. Good thing Sofia doesn't have fashion sense yet. But it is a big help to me, even if she looks silly. Halle has her own Sofia sized Barbie!
Halle is also big on compliments right now. She has always been very polite, but now it spills over at home. I'll pour the milk into her cereal in the morning and she will say, "Mom you are such a great pourer" or I'll be feeding Alexa and she'll say, "Mom you are such a good mom to babies", "Mom you are a great washer for dishes", "Mom thank you for your dinner, it smells."
I can't complain, I tell her thank you and correct her language, she used to tell me what a great cooker I was, now she calls me Chef.

Now it is time to tell you about Bruiser. In a moment.
Payton aka Bruiser, is turning 4 in a few weeks and she wakes up every day asking if today is the day. We talk about what she wants for her birthday and her normal response is, "Pop(she loves Brians Diet Pepsi) and flowers, and whatever toy you want to get me." I laugh at this and ask her if she wants a party, a pinata, a cake, WHAT? She responds, "Mom, I'm fine with whatever" talk about easy to please! Now comes the hard part of choosing what to get her for her birthday. We talked about getting her a tent for her bed, she would love it! Brian responds, "she'll tear it up in a week." she is pretty hard on things. So first she and I go through party magazines, Me: How about a party like this? Payton: Do you like it? So then it's back to, "What do you want for your birthay?" and it continues. So I will be picking out what I think she might like, and hope it goes over well. She really is that easy to please.

Picture it...
Dad gets home, family eats dinner, Dad gets everyone wound up.
Throwing them in the air, chasing and screaming, you get the picture.
Payton has had enough and is looking at a book on the stairs right behind where Brian is swinging Sofia. Out of the blue Payton decides she needs something that is in the kitchen, Brian directly in the way, she tries to dart past him just as he is bringing Sofia down and WHAM!
The back of Sofia's head collides with Payton's face. The noise about made me throw up. CRACK!
Payton drops to the ground and starts screaming, I dive over to check for blood, no blood. PHEW
I make her look at me and ask her where it hurts, she points to right between her eyes. OUCH
She pushes out of my arms and tells me, "mom I'll be alright" then tells Dad she wants to cuddle with a blanket in the chair, it is the least he can do.
So they cuddle and then teeth get brushed and books read, everyone is tucked into bed, it was a peaceful night.

I wake up when Halle gets up, about 6:45. She wakes everyone else up with her loudness. I hear Payton, "Mom, mom, I can't see, help me!" I go into her room and flip the light on. OUCH! There is our Bruiser, left eye completely swollen shut. I take her up to Dad, he needs to be woke up at 6:45 to see this. He pushes on it, asks about how many fingers he is holding up, and she asks to eat. WHAT A TOUGH GIRL!


Alaina and Kyle said...

Oh the poor girl. I can't believe she didn't complain all night. I bet it surprised her when she couldn't open her eye in the morning. One tough girl.

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