Friday, July 17, 2009

Photography Class: Lesson 1

Thanks to my most wonderful husband, *YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE* I am taking an online photography class. I know most people, even MELISSA, think I can learn anything I need from a book, doesn't know my dark side, that even if I sleep on the book or record my voice on a tape reading it DOESN'T WORK! I love online classes, watching the videos over and over until I can get it right, having the ability to go back and check again and again! I LOVE IT!
So this week we are learning about shutter speed. Who knew?
Our first assignment was to take an action photo using our normal routine settings. Our second task was to adjust the shutter speed and do it again, here are my submissions. Payton running across the lawn with Halle's birthday balloons.


Laura said...

Oh My Gosh!! I love that top picture of Payton!!