Thursday, July 2, 2009

Few photos

As hard as I try I still find I struggle with editing my photos.
I've taken classes, and the tricks I've learned in those classes are used regularly but learning new tricks is hard :) So when I took a few pictures today it took me forever to edit them, but here they are. The girls love getting dressed up, it is hard to get Sofia to smile unless someone is making her laugh, you say, "say cheese" and she says it with a complete relaxed face. So pictures of their backs turned out better :)
With Halle's birthday just around the corner I'm going to take plenty of pictures for her 4th year photo, to get the right one :)

2 of the photos are the group of girls :) and the 1 of Halle and Payton is to show the height difference! With 7 months between them and Payton being in the 70% for her age, WOW! Halle is huge!


Laura said...

I think the pictures turned out great! The height difference is crazy! Can't wait to see you and your family in a few weeks!!!